May 29, 2013

Photography : Colors of Wesak Night In Sri Lanka

Temple of Tooth at Night

Vesak Lanterns Shine

Kandy Lake Decorations

Inside Dalada Maligawa

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May 28, 2013

Can Sri Lanka Youth Win Adobe - UNICEF Global Media Challenge ?

First Time in Sri Lanka 3 Creative Media Pieces by Sri Lankan youth has reached Adobe-UNICEF Youth Media Award Finals. Now the voting has begun with Sri Lanka leading in Photo essay, Social Poster & Video Project sections. Sri Lanka youth need every Facebook Like, Share, Tweet and Retweet they can get as each count as a vote for their creative media.

As the audience you have the power to make Sri Lanka win. You can grant 3 clicks to help them to reach their goal to become world class young creative professionals, in which you will be a stakeholder.

The 3 Creatives by Sri Lanka

Pick your gift Download the Child Soldier Short Film Here!

YOU, the audience, has the power to decide who the lucky winners will be.  Enjoy Your Power.AYV Team Sri Lanka.

May 07, 2013

3 Sri Lankan Youth Media Projects into Adobe Aspire Award Finals

Adobe Aspire Awards Finalists
YOU hold the power to decide the lucky winners.

21st Century Girl

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